The Challengesouth-hook-lng

Compliance with planning conditions for on-going conservation area management on Tier 1 COMAH site, with SSSI conditions.

The Services

Management of circa 120 acres of Conservation Area forming the western part of the South Hook LNG terminal containing sensitive species of flora and fauna.

Prior to the introduction of ponies, by the client to assist with grass management, the entire area required the removal of ragwort to make the grazing as safe as possible for the health of the animals.

It was agreed that the ragwort was to be handpicked by MSS grounds operatives and transported by trailer to a bagging area where the weed was double bagged and placed into dedicated waste skips for transfer and disposal off site, to meet environmental requirements.


Working in Partnership

MSS Facility’s team worked in conjunction with the South Hook LNG environmental department, Pembrokeshire Coast National park authority and RPS environmental consultants, to formulate the plan for the safe arrival of the ponies to the conservation area, and the effective removal and disposal of the potentially harmful flora. The remediation plan was also subject to close scrutiny from the superior landlord for the site.


The client was, as a result of the work completed by MSS, able to permit grazing on this area of its site. This, in itself, was a significantly positive public relations message for the local community.