A dramatic reduction in total dissolved solids and fuel costs

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Client: SCA

Timeframe: 3 Weeks

The Challenge

Our client required an energy efficient and reliable upgrade to the Water Treatment Plant. They ran three boilers, requiring some 8 cubic meters of water per hour for paper-making and for two turbines to run the Combined Heat and Power plant. They utilised high purity water injection into the turbines to reduce emissions, particularly nitrous oxides.

The Project

MSS undertook a project to place a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in front of the boiler, after the existing duplex base-exchange softener plant.

This will dramatically reduce the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of the boiler feed water, allowing greater cycles of concentration, making  savings in gas expenditure as well as allowing water injection to be made to the two Combined Heat and Power (CHP) turbines.

By removing 95% of the mineral content of the water, high purity water injection can be maintained into the turbines, and greatly improved feed-water can be supplied to the boilers.


System Features:

  • Continuous conductivity monitoring and read-out;
  • High conductivity cut out / low conductivity cut out;
  • Stainless steel three phase high pressure pump;
  • Permeate, re-circulation and concentrate flow gauges;
  • 75% recovery and 99% rejection in standard configuration;
  • Rugged powder coated welded steel frame;
  • Microprocessor controller;
  • Low & High Pressure cut outs;
  • Low water level alarm / start-up;
  • Membrane Cleaning in place (CIP) stations;
  • Automatic flushing;
  • Total Run Accumulator;
  • Low Voltage Solenoids;
  • High Water Level Cut Out;
  • Permeate Tank level switches.

The Result

The installation of a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant has enabled the site to achieve low emissions figures (and lower CCL charges), and offered a significant gas saving.