The Challenge
A contractor smashed an (Asbestos Insulating Board) AIB firebreak with a hammer, in the ceiling void of a school in the South Wales valleys. This caused the contamination of the ceiling voids above the kitchen and the hall. The ceiling of the hall and kitchen were covered in asbestos textured coating. The textured coating needed to be removed safely, first. Once the AIB was removed, the cleaning of the ceiling voids could begin.

The Process
MSS organised for fixed scaffolding to be set up, from the floor, to the ceiling, in the hall and mobile scaffolding in the kitchen. A HSE Licensed scaffolder was used. Correx and wooden board floor panels protected the floor. Wooden boards were hoisted to the ceiling of the hall, to create a temporary ceiling, which the asbestos removal operatives could walk across.

The temporary ceiling had spaces in which ladders rested, these had vision panels to see into the enclosed ceiling void. Vision panels were strategically placed along the enclosure, including some bubble vision panels and four CCTV cameras ensured every part of the enclosure could be seen.

The Benefits
The benefits of carrying out this work are that contractors can now go up into the ceiling void, with even more freedom than they did before. The school now has a new ceiling in the kitchen and hall and the firebreaks in the ceiling voids are not made with asbestos. This means that any work to be carried out in the school, where contractors need to go into the ceiling void, will happen quicker and with less risks.