Gender Pay Gap Report

MSS are pleased to advise the reporting of our gender pay gap figures, six months earlier than the planned date of April 2018. Under The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, employers with 250 or more employees will have to calculate their gender pay gap from April 2017 and publish the details by April 2018.

The gender pay gap is a measuring tool designed to show the difference between the gross hourly earnings for all men in an organisation and the gross hourly earnings for all women. Currently the national gender pay gap in the UK – released by ONS – stands at 18.1%,

We are pleased to advise that the gender pay gap for MSS is considerably less than the UK average at a rate of 12.3% and we are committed to reducing the gender pay gap further.

Key Statistics

  • Mean Gender Pay Gap – 12.3%
  • Median Pay Gap – 3.8%
  • Mean Bonus Pay Gap – 96.22%
  • Median Bonus Pay Gap – 70%
  • Proportion of males receiving bonus – 4.7%
  • Proportion of females receiving bonus – 2.9%

Salary Quartiles

  • £7.50 or less; Males 35 (49%), Females 36 (51%),   Total 71
  • £7.50 – £7.65; Males 51 (72%), Females 20 (28%),  Total 71
  • £7.67 – £9.17;  Males 46 (64%), Females 26 (36%)  Total 72
  • £9.18 or above Males 55 (81%), Females 13 (81%)   Total  68

MSS has reviewed the business as part of this process and we acknowledge that there are fewer females in senior roles.  The nature of the work that our business conducts means that our organisation has a high proportion of male employees. This has impacted our gender pay gap results and we will work to make positive changes to improve our results.

Whilst the initial findings have been completed, MSS understands the need to make improvements.  We will focus on the following areas over the next 12 months to promote equality in the work place.

  • Improved family friendly policies
  • Review of bonus scheme
  • Review of pay structure and bandings
  • Review of recruitment policy
  • Review of development opportunities for female employees
  • Provide opportunity to discuss how we can reduce the gender pay gap

We are committed to making a change for the better and look forward to the next review.